MAE Senior Day 

11:30am-2:30pm June 14th, Wednesday | Price Center West Ballroom A&B

Schedule of Events:  

Student check in / presentation preparation

10:30 am - 11:30 am

Poster presentation 

11:30 am - 2:20 pm

Group photo and clean up 

2:20pm - 2:30 pm

General Information

The MAE Senior day will be held in Price Center Ballroom West A&B. Teams will have reserved spaces to present their posters and demonstrate the hardware. American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME), alumni judges, sponsors, faculties, other students, engineering staff and the instructional team will join the poster session. Food and drinks will be provided during the event and team presentations will be reviewed by the judges, instructional team and other students. 

Team Webpages

MAE 155B


MAE 156B

01 Design and Construction of an Adaptive Motorized Swing  - (Executive Summary)

02 Ionic Cleaning for Optical Surfaces  - (Executive Summary)

03 Designing a Robust and Comfortable Media Visor For MRI Scans - (Executive Summary)

04 Microinjection System to Study Cell Migration - (Executive Summary)

05 Microsurgical Training Instrument - (Executive Summary)

06 Neonatal Resuscitator - (Executive Summary)

07 Orthopedic Fracture and Dislocation Reduction Trainer - (Executive Summary)

08 The Dark Cool Helmet - (Executive Summary)

09 On-orbit manufacturing - (Executive Summary)

10 FSAE_EV Compliant Electric Accumulator - (Executive Summary)

11 Isometric Force Evaluation and Training System - (Executive Summary)

12 FDM Metal 3D Printing - (Executive Summary)

13 3D Printed Embouchure Device - (Executive Summary)

14 Medical Compact Backscatter Imaging - (Executive Summary)

15 Suction Assisted Respiratory Mask - (Executive Summary)

16 Pessary Applicator - (Executive Summary)

17 Improving Thermal and Acoustic Performance of a Medical AI Computer - (Executive Summary)

18 Semiconductor Test Bench Temperature Control Unit - (Executive Summary)

19 Hybrid Control of Kapitza's Pendulum - (Executive Summary)

20 Elephant Activity Collar/Anklet Integration - (Executive Summary)

21 Illumina Fluid Cartridge Design - (Executive Summary)

22 Air-Powered Soft Robotic Toy - (Executive Summary)

23 Smart Pill Bottle - (Executive Summary)

24 Triton-AI EvGokart - (Executive Summary)

25 Applied UVc Sterilization Chamber - (Executive Summary)

26 Miniature Control Valve Design - (Executive Summary)

27 Eng-for-Exploration-Smartfin - (Executive Summary)

28 Reverse Osmosis Testing Rig - Ocean Well - (Executive Summary)

29 Scripps Humidifying Dry Air Streams in Greenhouse Gas Analyzers  - (Executive Summary)

30 Robotic Vehicle for Plankton Imaging - (Executive Summary)

31 Instrumented Epidural Needle Injector - (Executive Summary)

Event Map

Parking and Transportation Information

Event Location:

West Ballroom A&B (second floor)

Price Center, La Jolla, CA 92093


Gilman Parking Structure,

252 Russell Ln, La Jolla, CA 92093 


Interactive Map