MAE Senior Day


11:30am-2:30pm June 8th, Wednesday | EBU2 Courtyard

MAE Senior day will be held in the EBU2 courtyard. Teams from Mechanical Engineering (ME), Aerospace Engineering (AE), and Environmental Engineering (EE) will have reserved spaces to present their posters and demonstrate the hardware. American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) and alumni judges, sponsors, faculties, other students, engineering staff and the instructional team will join the poster session. Food and drinks will be provided during the event and your presentation will be reviewed by the judges, instructional team and your peers.

MAE Senior Day Agenda:

Student check in / presentation preparation

11:00 am - 11:30 am

Poster presentation

11:30 am - 2:15 pm

Group photo and clean up

2:15pm - 2:30 pm

Event Map

*1:00pm: Food and drink available

1:30pm: Drone flight demonstration at table "156B Team 15"

Student Instruction

Preparation before the Senior Day:

1. Fill out the MAE Senior Day Survey by 11:59pm Week 8 Sunday (05/22/22).

Make sure everyone is familiar with the poster and is able to give a small presentation by himself/herself.

2. Do dry run of the poster presentation, keep it with in 8 minutes.

3. Invite your sponsor, friends and family to the Poster Day.

What to expect on the Senior Day:

1. Be there at least 30 minutes early to setup your poster and hardware. Make sure everything is ready to go.

2. Claim your team supplies at the information table, which includes: final poster, poster stands, t-shirt, name tags and pens.

3. Dress code: business casual or business formal.

4. Rotate within the team and have at least 2 team members to do the presentation, while the others can go around and watch other team's presentation.

5. At the end of the poster session, you will be asked to evaluate your first and second favorite project except your own by filling out the vote form.

6. Food and water will be served

7. For MAE156B students, please fill out the student vote form by the end of the event.

What to expect after the Senior Day:

1. Group photo will be taken

2. There will be award for the best project, determined by the judges, instructors and your peers.

3. Clean up your own space.