Instructional Team

Instructors: Spring 2023                    

Section A00:  Professor Nathan Delson,

Section B00: Maziar Ghazinejad,

Section C00: Professor Jerry Tustaniwskyj,  

Section D00: Professor Geno Pawlak,  

Teaching Assistants

Section A00:  Gautam Rajesh,

Section B00: Jackelin Amorin Cotrina,

Section C00: Gaoweiang(Darren) Dong,               

Section D00: Hannah Walker,

Email Etiquette

Please email both your section's Instructor and Teaching Assistant, and copy the rest of your team for project issues. In your email subject title, please follow the format "[MAE 156B]+ your subject.”  

Engineering Staff

Edward Pogue,, Machine Shop  in EBU2-333

Stephen Mercsak, smercsak@eng.ucsd.eduMachine Shop ,EBU2 B35

Ian Richardson,, EBU2-B30

Thomas Chalfant,, Machine Shop  in EBU2-B35

Paul Arcoleo,, Aerospace Fabrication Lab in EBU2-127

Chris Cassidy,, Design Studio in EBU2-315

Hussain Ashour,, Design Studio in EBU2-315

Steven Roberts,, Electronics Shop in EBU2-328

Administrative and Purchasing Assistant

Roxanne Vanderheiden, in EBU2 Business Office (1st Floor)