Instructional Team

Instructors: Winter 2023

Section B00: Professor Huihui Qi,

Section C00: Professor Jerry Tustaniwskyj,

Teaching Assistants

Section B00: Brian Li,

Section C00: Gaoweiang(Darren) Dong,

Email Etiquette

Please email both your section's Instructor and Teaching Assistant, and copy the rest of your team for project issues. In your email subject title, please follow the format "[MAE 156B]+ your subject.”

Engineering Staff

Edward Pogue,, Machine Shop in EBU2-333

    • Design, Data Acquisition, Machining and Aerospace guidance

Stephen Mercsak, , Machine Shop ,EBU2 B35

    • Design, Machining and Welding guidance

Ian Richardson,, EBU2-B30

    • Lab space, checking out equipment, general logistical support

    • Design and machining guidance

Thomas Chalfant,, Machine Shop in EBU2-B35

    • Design and Machining guidance

Paul Arcoleo,, Aerospace Fabrication Lab in EBU2-127

    • Integration, simulation, and computation

Chris Cassidy,, Design Studio in EBU2-315

    • Rapid Prototyping Lab (Lasercamm and 3D printer), mechatronics and design guidance

    • Each team can request acrylic from Chris for project use

Steven Roberts,, Electronics Shop in EBU2-328

    • Electronics guidance

Administrative and Purchasing Assistant

Roxanne Vanderheiden, in EBU2 Business Office (1st Floor)