C00 Meetings with Instructor (Hoople + Gillett)

The meetings with the instructor are for the benefit of the team, and a well prepared team gets the most out of these meetings. In preparation for the meeting and during the meeting, please:

  1. 24 hours before the meeting upload out the Weekly Progress Report to your website so the instructor and TA can review. Also bring a hardcopy tot he meeting.

  2. All team members should be able to explain all items on the progress report. The team should on the key agenda items.Be clear as to what you want to get out of the meeting and what issues should be addressed.

    1. Bring ALL relevant material to the meeting, whether it be component specifications, analysis and computer files (show on laptop), or specific hardware components.

    2. Prepare engineering analysis clearly so that the instructor and team members can clearly follow it. Use clear Free-Body-Diagrams, list out assumptions used, and show analytical approach used.

    3. During the meeting:

      • Give a brief overview of the project status

      • Present current challenges and issues that the team would like to discuss.

    4. Note taking: During the meeting each student should have their 156 notebook available. One team member should be tasked with official note taking. At the end of the meeting, the note taker should review with all others the action items that have been decided upon. After the meeting the note taker should email to all team members a write-up of the meeting notes.

    5. After the meeting. Comments from the instructor should be typed up and included in the next weekly report. Make sure to include how the team responded to concerns or questions that were raised.

There are five scheduled meetings with each team and the course instructor during 156B. This is a valuable opportunity for important project guidance; don't waste the opportunity by coming unprepared or forgetting to bring relevant information.

A similar approach should be taken for meetings with the sponsor.