Schedule C00 Spring 2019 Mr. Gillett

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April 30 2019        Designing with Standards Lecture Slides Uploaded

April 23 2019        Presentation Rubric and Impact on Society lecture slides uploaded.

March 30 2019       Section C00 Spring 2019 Class Schedule and Team Meeting Schedule uploaded.

Section C00 Team Meeting Schedule  SPRING 2019

Team Name Meeting Day Time  Time on Lecture Days   Presentation Day Time
Free Ocean Carbon Enrichment Tuesday 4:00 4:40
Tuesday 4:00
Autonomous Operant Conditioning Chamber Tuesday 4:30 5:00
Tuesday 4:20
Photoacoustic Computed Tomography Tuesday 5:00 5:20
Tuesday 4:40
Patient Setup System Tuesday 5:30 5:40
Tuesday 5:00

Stethoscope disinfection Thursday 4:00

Thursday 4:00
Nerve lengthening Thursday 4:30

Thursday 4:20
Self-smearing self-staining slides Thursday 5:00

Thursday 4:40
MURO Drone Thursday 5:30

Thursday 5:00

Section C00 Class  Schedule SPRING 2019

 Week    TuesdayThursdayDeliverables 

Course Overview
Due Friday Midnight
Week 14:00 - 4:40
Setup Team Webpage Internal Pages
4.1 - 4.5Meeting with InstructorMeeting with Instructor


Design Proposal PresentationsDesign Proposal PresentationsComplete:

Select Selections of the Report

EBU2-584EBU2-584Review Examples of: 
Week 2Presentation Peer Reviews
Presentation Peer Reviews
     Good Reports
4.8 - 4.12

Fly Righting Response Acoustic Stimulus Module

     Good Website

Window Removal Fluidic Treadmill

Impact on Society

4:00 - 4:40
Select Selections of the Report
Week 3Meeting with InstructorMeeting with Instructor

Designing with Standards
Week 44:00 - 4:40

Select Selections of the Report
4.21 - 4.26Meeting with InstructorMeeting with Instructor

Proof of Concept PresentationProof of Concept PresentationDue Friday Midnight:
Week 5EBU2-584EBU2-584First Draft of Report 
4.29 - 5.3Presentation Peer Reviews
Presentation Peer Reviews
Upload the Document to your Team Webpage

First Draft of Team Webpage 

Intermediate Peer Review

Instructor and Course Mid-point Review
5.6 - 5.10Meeting with InstructorMeeting with Instructor

Week 7

5/13 - 5/17Meeting with InstructorMeeting with Instructor

Primary Design Review PresentationPrimary Design Review PresentationDue Friday Midnight
Week 8EBU2-584EBU2-5842nd Draft of Report
5.20 - 5.24Presentation Peer Reviews
Presentation Peer Reviews
2nd Draft of Team Webpage

 Creating and Presenting Effective Posters
Due Friday Midnight
Week 94:00 - 4:40
Draft Poster

Meeting with InstructorMeeting with InstructorCape Survey

Due Friday Midnight

Final Design Review at SponsorsFinal Design Review at SponsorsFinal Report
6.3 - 6.7

Final Poster

Optional Meeting with InstructorOptional Meeting with InstructorFinal Team Webpage

(Schedule TBD)(Schedule TBD)


Day BEFORE Posters

Tuesday Noon
Before Posters 
Poster Session
WeekFinal Peer ReviewWEDNESDAY 
JUNE 12th
Price Center
Ballroom A&B
Check Off List
6.10 - 6.14Due Tuesday 6/11 by MidnightTime: 10:30AM

Optional Last Minute Additions to Final Report/Web Page Due 11:30AM
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David Gillett,
Apr 23, 2019, 12:04 PM
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