Instructional Team


Professor Nate Delson,                                 Section A00
Professor Maziar Ghazinejad,        Section B00
Professor Jerry Tustaniwskyj,                Section C00
Professor David Gillett,                             Section D00

Teaching Assistants

Sara Tran,                                                  Section A00
Peter Violante,                                          Section B00
Gaoweiang(Darren) Dong,                 Section C00
Curtis Sparks,                                  Section D00

Engineering Staff

Edward Pogue, epogue@eng.ucsd.eduMachine Shop  in EBU2-333
  • Design, Machining and Aerospace guidance 
Stephen Mercsak,  Machine Shop ,EBU2 B35
  • Design, Machining and Welding guidance
Ian Richardson,, EBU2-B30
  • Lab space, checking out equipment, general logistical support
  • Design and machining guidance
Thomas Chalfant,, Machine Shop  in EBU2-B35
  • Design and Machining guidance
Chris Cassidy,, Design Studio in EBU2-315
  • Rapid Prototyping (Lasercamm and 3D printer), mechatronics and design guidance
  • Each team can request acrylic from Chris for project use
Steven Roberts,, Electronics Shop in EBU2-328
  • Electronics guidance
Greg Specht,
  • Labview and instrumentation guidance
  • Instrumentation and special equipment

Administrative and Purchasing Assistant

Roxanne Vanderheiden, in EBU2 Business Office (1st Floor)