Team Webpage

Team Webpages Guidelines


Each team will have a webpage which will be a reference for the sponsor and a useful resume link for years to come. Some key points:

    • We are using New Google Sites as of 2021, which provides for easy web authoring from any computer. Ian Richardson,, will setup a webpage for each team, which is posted under the Sponsored Projects tab along the top of the MAE156B Webpage.

    • Each team will also have a Shared Google Drive to keep all project documents. To find your Shared Drive:

      • When logged into Gmail, go to (or click the dot grid to Google apps => Drive)

      • Click on "Shared with me" (not Shared drives) => find your folder. All of your folders folders will start with the same name of YearQuarter-Team. For example Team 1 in MAE 156B of Spring 2021 will be named: 2021Sp-01

      • DO NOT change the folder name, and if you create new subfolders always start your folder with this same name followed by "-custom name." We have many team folders in 156B and to find folders we need to have all team folders start with the same string.

      • ALL Project files must be placed in the team's Google Drive before uploading to the webpage, otherwise the files will be inaccessible if the gmail account associated with the account is closed. Unfortunately, UCSD will retire student accounts a few years after graduation (students are encouraged to get a UCSD Alumni Email for Life forwarding address).

    • Important Subfolders are:

      • Budget-Purchases: You will find an Excel File (.xlsx) there to track your purchases and budget. Convert this file into a Google Sheet by uploading it to the Budget-Purchases folder (you can then delete the original Excel file). Also keep you purchase receipts in this folder. Add a link to this file in your Google Sheets.

      • Reports-Presentations: All reports and presentations should be located here. Included both editable versions (such as Google Docs or Slides) and pdf versions for easy sponsor access. Add a link to this folder in your Google Sheets.

      • Engineering-Files. Include all CAD, software Code, Spec Sheets and other files that a sponsor would need to duplicate your design if needed.

      • Multimedia: ALL movies should be uploaded here (DO NOT USE YOUTUBE, since the movies will be removed if the gmail account associated with the Youtube upload is retired). Also high resolution photos should be placed here; these can be important for printing any project reports in the future. The movies and photos can be added to your Google Site from the Google Folder.

      • Internal. These are for internal progress reports and other documents that will not end up on the public webpage. There are subfolders for each week's progress report. Please upload your report before each meeting with instructor. There is also a folder for Project Management where an updated Gantt chart and list of project priorities should be kept.

      • Machine-Center: This is where you will place your CAD files for any parts you ask the Machine Center to make for your project. Guidelines for summiting machining requests are on the MAE 156 Sponsored Projects Resources page. An initial folder has been created for Job01 for each team, but you will need to create new folders for subsequent jobs.

      • Design-Studio: This subfolder is not currently used, since 3D print files are handled via email as described in the MAE 156 Sponsored Projects Resources. This folder is just a placeholder in case we handle 3D print files via Google Drive in the future.

    • Making your webpage public.

      • Check with your sponsor if it is ok to make your webpage public during the MAE 156B. All webpages must be made public after the project, but some sponsor may want to keep them private so they have the option to apply for a patent before the Poster Presentation in finals week.

      • To make the webpage public email Ian Richardson (

      • Always check with your sponsor if it is OK to list their name and email on the public webpage.

      • Team members may want to provide the public a way of contacting them. One way is to provide a link to your LinkedIn page from the Team page on your google site. LinkedIn allows the public to contact you, but in a way that will not fill your inbox with spam.

  • The Documentation Manager on the team will coordinate the webpage activity and be responsible that all images and documents view properly, but all team members should contribute.

    • The webpages are all based upon the Team Webpage Template, which contains the instructions of what should be included on each page.

  • Relationship Between Google Drive and Google Sites (they are different!)

      • A shared Google Drive is a place to store files that will remain there permanently (even if the person who uploaded the file had their email account retired or a user deletes the original from their personal account).

      • All files for your project, Google Docs, pdf, CAD, etc. should be loaded onto the Team's Shared Google Drive that has been setup for you.

      • You can make files from your Shared Google Drive visible on your Google Site. You will want to do this with photos, movies, Google Site presentations, etc. You can do this from within a Page on your Google Site as follows: Insert => Drive => Find your file or folder on your shared drive. If you have a lot of files in your shared drive, you can search for the file name to find it quickly.

      • Note, making a file visible on you Google Site does not upload a copy of the file onto the site. The file still resides on the Google Drive, and if you delete the file, the Google Site will show a broken link.

    • See instructional video below made by Sara Tran, and MAE 156B to show how this is done.

00:20 Example of a good website

1:50 Overview 2 Links - internal shared drive folder, website edit page

2:08 In-depth explanation of internal shared drive folder

3:33 In-depth explanation of website edit page

4:14 Inserting media onto website (IMPORTANT!)

5:35 How to make your website public

6:45 Contacts for further questions

Front Page

Final Design Page

The Final Design Page is Where Visitors Will Click if the Front Page Gets Them Interested

  • It is fine to reuse material from your report, but in a more concise fashion.

  • Annotated figures, short paragraphs, and videos are appropriate here.

  • The content here is similar to the executive summary but in web format, and can include subpages for more detail.

  • Examples of high quality Final Design pages

Final Product Movie

A Movie of the Final Product is Expected Today in High Quality Webpages

Team Page

  • List team members. is encouraged, but not required, to include link to LinkedIn and Portfolium pages, since UCSD student emails are inactivated after graduation. Photos can be included, but this is optional.

  • Include sponsor information and link to their company or lab website (photos can also be included). Ask sponsor how they would like to be listed, and if they want their contact info public.