Report Peer Review

Each student will review and provide recommendations for another teams report and webpage. This type of peer review is an important part of learning. The reviews will be done on paper and electronically. The steps are:

1. You are required to upload only one doc file including both website and report review. 

2. Review the website of the team that is on your assignment and give comments. (put it at the beginning of the report review)

3. Review the report: everyone's comments should be consolidated.

4. Use different colors to differentiate different reviewers, don't forget to annotate the reviewer's color at the front page  

5. All students are supposed to have their own review on the report, the grade will be given individually according to your review quality.

6. Make sure you have a good time arrangement among the team, you can do the review simultaneously and combine them later or do it sequentially.

7. Please upload your reviewed file (report and webpage) to your google drive>>report.

The material should be reviewed for following the report and webpage guidelines  Emphasis should be on clarity! If you cannot understand what was done, let the team know!

If you have any questions, please contact your TA.