Old Report Intermediate



DRAFT 1 MINIMUM REQUIREMENTS: This version will be review by both your instructor and TA. It is the only chance you have to get feedback from them regarding your report, so do as much as possible.

  • The Report Template should be used and modified to suit the specific needs of the project. A section should be created for all Report Components listed below unless clearly not applicable.

  • A complete Table of Contents should be included even if not all the sections are complete.

    • Include a list of each section of chapter 3 where the key project components are described.

  • A draft of the abstract should be completed

  • The Project Description chapter should be should be completed

  • The Chapters for Description of Overall Design Solution should be started with Functional Requirements included for each component.

  • The Chapter for the components should be started with Functional Requirements included for each component.

  • List titles for sections and figures for material that will be added later. Include specific section titles for the different engineering analysis used, experimental results, component selection, and appendices.

  • Other sections may not be complete but do describe what you expect to put in later. Use a distinct font different from the rest of the report to clearly identify that these messages are placeholders. This is mainly so that you do not forget to remove them later.

  • All information that has been presented in class should be included in some form in this draft!

DRAFT 2 MINIMUM REQUIREMENTS: This version will be graded by your peers. Your team will be assigned another team's draft to review. Each member of your team will grade the other team's draft in full. Everyone should use a different color writing utensil and make a color code on the report.

  • All components of the report should be included.

  • Blank spots should remain only for areas such as final hardware photos and results that are not yet finished. Clearly state what you expect to include in these sections. You may wish to format these notes in a way that will remind you to remove it for the final version.