Project Redefinition Presentation

This Presentation adapts to the Spring 2020 circumstances.

Prepare a 12 minute (we will adhere to time limits) presentation that includes:

    1. Describe the new scope of your project including high priority deliverables, lower priorities, and WOW solution.

    2. Approach taken to working remotely.

    3. List of key design decisions that have already been made, and explain the justification for these decisions.

      • Justifications can include engineering analysis, key equations used, and numerical results.

    4. List key design decisions that still need to be made. Present a plan and timeline for making these decisions.

    5. List resources that the team needs:

    • Guidance in engineering design.

    • Guidance in analysis and simulation.

    • 3D printed, machined parts, and or purchased parts.

    1. List remaining questions and concerns that need to resolved

    2. Show a Gantt chart with task assignment for the rest of the quarter.

    3. The quality of the graphics (CAD and photos with annotations) is essential for a good grade. Comparison tables should be used where appropriate and a dry run of your presentation is essential for a good delivery.


    1. Invite your sponsor to attend the Zoom presentation.

    2. Post the presentation on the team website on AND upload a pdf to Canvas half an hour before the presentation.

    3. All team members should participate in the oral presentation. The name of the team member who is presenting should be written at the bottom of each slide.

    4. After each presentation the other students in the section will provide feedback to the team via a Google Form on Canvas, and post chat questions.