Problem Definition Presentation to Instructor

For the team's first meeting with the instructor prepare a 6 minute slide presentation to include:

Brief overview of problem, priorities, and deliverables of project.

  • Assume the instructor is not familiar with the project, since you will need to use similar slides in the Risk Reduction Presentation to the rest of your class.

  • Use clear graphics including annotated figures

Areas of concern, high risk, or other questions

Describe the Risk Reduction your team hopes to accomplish during the last few weeks of MAE156A. Risk Reduction can include both hardware or theory, and it is encouraged that teams pursue both types of risk reduction where possible. These could include:

i. A preliminary hardware test (even a simple test early on is very helpful)

ii. Analysis, computer simulation, and information gathering

iii. Development of a test bed (this reduces risk by enabling rapid risk reduction once completed)

Show a Gantt chart with task assignments for the rest of the quarter

Typed up the information requested in the Problem Definition Worksheet