Preliminary Design Review

The Design Review lays out the format of the final design. By this stage all high level design decisions have been made and all components of the design have been specified. Prepare a 10 minute (we will adhere to time limits) presentation that includes:

    1. An overview of the project and team's objectives.

    2. A description of the final design and how it meets the project objectives

    3. A description of each component of the design

    4. A plan for completing the design by the Final Design Review

      • A detailed to-do list of all aspects required in completion of the project. Show:

        • High Priority to-do items that must be completed. Each such item should have a due date no later than week 9, and individuals responsible.

        • Second priority to-do items, that will be completed time permitting.

      • A Gantt chart with task assignment for the rest of the quarter

    5. A plan for testing the design

    6. List any concerns that need to resolved

    7. Tips for Clarity. Remember, the rest of the class has not seen your design, so it is important that they clearly understand it. Figures are key. Please pay attention to:

      • Selecting the clearest views (3D, Top, Side, Interior, Cross Section, views etc.)

      • Use good colors with consistency between images.

      • Use annotations (i.e. labels with arrows to parts)

      • Step-by-step figures that show the stages of part use.


    1. All team members should participate in the oral presentation. The name of the team member who is presenting should be written at the bottom of each slide.

    2. After the presentation post the presentation on your website and ask your sponsor for feedback.

Grading Rubrics

Link for the Grading Rubrics