Peer Review

Peer Review Guidelines

    • The peer reviews will be kept anonymous from other students in the class, but the averaged results and combined comments from one’s teammates will be emailed to the students being reviewed.

    • It is not proper etiquette to ask your teammates how they reviewed you.

    • Review by peers can be difficult, but also among the most helpful learning tools.

    • If you choose to add comments in “Areas for Improvement” then comments should also be entered under “Helpful Actions.” Effective feedback focuses on the impact of certain actions rather than on a team member’s personality.

    • A combined rating is provided, where the average score for each student is 1000 points, which reflects the overall contribution of the team member being reviewed.

    • If you enter a combined score of 900 or lower, then comments must be entered to justify this scoring, either to the instructor in the student feedback area.

    • 9 teamwork behavior ratings must be entered for each teammate. A rubric to aid you in rating a team member is given in the table below.

  • Completing the peer review on time is a required component of the course, and a component of class participation.

  • The intermediate peer reviews are for feedback purposes and the results do not affect course grade, but the final peer reviews can have a large impact on ones grade!

Instructions for Completing the On-Line Peer Review

(Not applicable for SP20, please do this on canvas)

Connect to:

Login to your individual peer review form using:

Lower case UCSD email address (e.g.

PID number with upper case A (e.g. A00000002):

Your peer review can only be submitted once, so be prepared to complete the form in one sitting.

When all team members have completed the review, the averaged results will be emailed back to each team member.

Rubric for team behavior questions