Individual Component Analysis

Individual Component Analysis Writeup (3 - 4 pages)

Each student will also have the task of gathering information on a component likely to be used in their project. The component may be a mechanical component, an electrical component, or software. This Individual Component analysis is separate from the team risk reduction effort but is meant to support the overall project objective. In addition it is meant to provide experience in the art of gathering information. The component analysis should include:

  1. Brief project description.

  2. The Functional Requirements (need) of the component

  3. A short description of at least 3 different components options

  4. A summary table comparing the pros and cons of the different components found (make sure to include cost!)

  5. A list of references used. Include databases searched, keywords used, and contacts made during phone calls. Describe how your keywords evolved over the search process.

A literature search should be performed using the Literature Searching References at the bottom of this page. Phone calls should be made to learn more about the products, get pricing information, and request samples where appropriate.

Remember that this is one of the first technical documents you are going to produce, as such, take into consideration the use of formal writing as well as to avoid the use of first person.

The evaluation and comparison of components should be posted on the team website and uploaded to Canvas.

How to Choose a Component Analysis Topic

Contribute to the body of knowledge that will inform your team decision about design direction. Sometimes the component you really need to know about isn’t actually part of your design. If your team is tasked to build a submersible with low noise so it does not scare fish, you may want some team members to explore propellors and waterproofness, but also a team member should explore the acoustic properties of water.

Information Gathering and Literature Searching References

Example Individual Component Analysis Writeup

Grading Rubrics for Individual Component Analysis