Design Proposal Presentation

The Design Proposal Presentation lays out where the team is and what is their plan for achieving their design objective during the quarter. It is important to justify design decisions that have already been made, and to identify key design decisions and other challenges that remain.

Prepare a 12 minute (we will adhere to time limits) presentation that includes:

    1. A brief overview of the problem definition (1-2 slides).

    2. Review Risk Reduction that has been completed.

    3. List of key design decisions that have already been made, and explain the justification for these decisions.

      • Justifications should include engineering analysis, key equations used, and numerical results.

    4. List key design decisions that still need to be made. Present a plan and timeline for making these decisions before the Proof-of-Concept Presentations in Week 5 or 6.

    5. Summarize the proposed design that the team plans on implementing.

    6. List major components that need to be purchased, and a timeline for placing the purchase orders.

    7. List key items that need to be machined, and feedback from shop engineers (Ian Richardson and/or Tom Chalfant) regarding timeline and feasibility.

    8. List remaining questions and concerns that need to resolved

    9. Show a Gantt chart with task assignment for the rest of the quarter.

    10. The quality of the graphics (CAD and photos with annotations) is essential for a good grade. Comparison tables should be used where appropriate and a dry run of your presentation is essential for a good delivery.


    1. All team members should participate in the oral presentation. The name of the team member who is presenting should be written at the bottom of each slide.

    2. After the presentation post the presentation on your website. Communicate the feedback from your instructor to your sponsor.

    3. ALL SECTION MEMBERS MUST ATTEND THE PRESENTATIONS OF THEIR CLASSMATES. Feedback to other teams is an important component of the class and attendance will be taken for class-participation grade.

Grading Rubrics

Link for the Grading Rubrics