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Between $50 and $250

STEP 3:   For purchases over $50 and less than $250 you need to include an explanation of the purchase in the body of the email. 

Make sure form is 100% complete so that once authorized the purchase form can be simply forwarded via email for purchasing.

After completely filling out the Purchase Order Request form.

Email form to: mae-156purchasing-50to250@eng.ucsd.edu 

STEP 4:   You should receive an email verifying that your purchase order has been processed. 
    • If you have not received such an email in 48 hours, please follow up with an inquiry email. 

STEP 5:   Once you have received the verifying email call the vendor and confirm the ORDER and the SHIP DATE.

STEP 6:   Check in EBU-II Lab B36 for packages (allow one or two extra days for UCSD shipping). Make sure the packing slip is signed and placed in the 'Packing Slip' wall pocket in the package area in Lab B36.

STEP 7:  Record the purchase on the team budget sheet.