Methods of Purchasing:


The MAE administrative and engineering staff will work with you to help with your project purchases. However, as with all fiscal matters specific guidelines need to be followed. Please help us help you by following these guidelines:
  • All purchase requests must be submitted by the designated Fiscal Manager of the team. Both the Fiscal manager and team member that specified the part should be listed on the purchase forms.
  • Out of Pocket purchases are allowable by any team member and will be reimbursed as described below.
  • All purchases should be promptly logged on the team webpage budget area.
  • Spend your funds wisely. But remember that time is money, and often in MAE156B time is the limiting factor. It is recommended that light weight parts be shipped for 2nd day delivery (the person placing the order needs to specify shipping methods). Note, it takes an extra day within UCSD mail services to deliver it to EBUII.
  • Roxanne will provide Order Confirmation and Shipping Confirmation by email (most suppliers provide shipping confirmation by email).
  • Students are responsible for checking the package delivery area at EBUII Lab B36 for their packages.
  • Students must verify the package contents against the packing list line items and order line items.
  • Students must place the verified packing list in the 'Packing List Wall Pocket' in the package delivery area at EBUII Lab B36.

McMaster-Carr Purchases - Using McMaster-Carr's "Order Forwarding Feature" will help expedite any orders above $50. See attachment below for instructions.

Purchase order by Roxanne (Preferred)   -Download Purchase Request Form below in Attachments

STEP 1:  Call the Vendor and get the following information:

    • Part numbers
    • Item availability
    • Date they can ship
    • Cost of each item (Ask for educational discounts or free samples) (Amount of Tax)
    • Shipping cost
    • Contact name
    • Do they take a Purchase Order?  
STEP 2:  Please fill out the Purchase Request form completely and note the total cost, choose the correct button below for the next STEP.

STEP 3:  Check your email for confirmation that your order was placed. You should get this email within 2 business days of submitting your purchase request.

Personal Reimbursement

The Personal Reimbursement purchasing method allows the student to purchase items using personal accounts which will be then reimbursed when the reimbursement form is completed and turned in to Roxanne Vanderheiden. The sales receipts from all purchases are Required for this method.  NOTE, it can take approximately 2 - 4 weeks to get refunded for personal reimbursement. Personal Reimbursement forms with Sales Receipts must be  delivered to Roxanne, at EBUII Room 150, prior to the MAE156B Poster Session in finals week.

(Reimbursement forms must be turned in on a weekly basis) - Download Personal Reimbursement Form below from Attached Files

Note: For both of these methods you must fill out the proper forms thoroughly!!!!!!

I am available to answer your questions at EBUII Lab B36, Ian Richardson,
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