Proof of Concept Presentation C00

A Proof-of-Concept demonstrates that the underlying approach being pursed is valid and will achieve the desired function. Your presentation should contain results from a hardware demonstration that illustrates the performance of the high risk components of the design. If you have a small prototype that can be easily demonstrated, bring it to the presentation. If your prototype is large/complicated then record video or generate detailed figures for your presentation.

We want to see a cohesive presentation that validates your chosen solution with engineering data. It could be the results of accelerometer measurements, time required to complete the desired task, a detailed analysis based on the hardware demonstration (i.e. power requirements, stress calculations), or other quantitative results. As engineers we need to have quantitative answers to define success, this presentation is your opportunity to convince the class that you are on the right track. 

Prepare a 12 minute presentation that includes the items below. You may choose any order to present these points, but be sure it creates a cohesive story that the audience can follow. 

  1. Brief review of problem (the class should be familiar with your project at this point) 
  2. Brief overview of the current status of the project
  3. Present the results of the Proof-of-Concept demonstration and what was learned. Make sure to describe the objective of the experiment, assumptions, analytical methods, results, and significance of results.
    • Be sure to present data from your experiment(s) in a clear and cohesive manner so that the audience can quickly understand the significance. 
  4. Describe the future schedule of the project and how you will complete the remaining tasks by the end of the quarter
    • These slides should be based on your Gantt chart, however do not simply show the Gantt chart. Gantt charts contain too much detail for the audience to follow during a short presentation. Instead this section of the presentation should highlight the key areas of the project and your expected timeline.
    • Highlight the key upcoming milestones and describe how you will attack the remaining problems 
    • Discuss the interdependency of tasks and any bottlenecks you foresee
  5. Describe any outstanding questions and concerns that still need to resolved
  6. Include a conclusion slide that summarizes the key message from your presentation.  


  1. Bring the PowerPoint presentation on a team member's computer, or make arrangements to have it loaded on another computer.
  2. All team members should participate in the oral presentation. The name of the team member who is presenting should be written at the bottom of each slide.
  3. Print out two printouts of the presentation with one slide per page for the instructor and TA (do not print dark backgrounds, so notes can be made on printouts). Also printout two copies of your weekly report for the instructor and TA.
  4. After the presentation post the presentation on your website and ask your sponsor for feedback.