Parking for Sponsors

 If your sponsor is coming to campus for a visit with students or to attend one of your presentation, please reserve a parking spot for them. Fill out the Parking Request Form completely, and email the form to Roxanne Vanderheiden, with date and time sponsor will be on campus and name of sponsor, 3 business days before event. Include in email subject "MAE156B Parking Request". 

Note: If a parking request is submitted less than 3 business days in advance, the team will be charged the $50 penalty fee that parking system assess us. 

Please let your sponsor know:

    "The recent parking request was submitted less than 3 business days before our meeting, which incurs a $50 penalty by UCSD parking. The MAE156 course account will cover 100% of parking costs for requests submitted early, however the $50 penalty will be assessed to the budget of the requesting team. It may be worthwhile to feed the meter for meetings that are scheduled last minute."

Sep 30, 2013, 10:55 AM