During Remote Instruction

IN-PERSON CAD Resources for MAE156B

ACMS has setup Virtual Machines for MAE156B students, whcih allow you to run certain software from any mac or PC.  Sofware packages include:
  • Autodesk AutoCAD and Inventor 
  • Working Model 2D 
  • Matlab 
  • Solidworks 
  • Creo-Pro 
  • Ansys
Tips using dropbox is a convent way to move files on and off of the Virtual Machine
  • Go to dropbox.com to download
  • During install it will require you to install under your username, not the administer, but that works fine
  • Choose custom install so you only sync the folders you want. Also it helps to install in your documents folder.
The Material Database Program CES is available on computers 1-9 in EBU2-239.

Sharing CAD files among team members can be organized by a free package from www.teamplatform.com (UCSD alumni work there).