Team Webpages Guidelines

Each team will have a webpage which will be a reference for the sponsor and a useful resume  link for years to come. Some key points:
  • We are using Google Sites,  which provides for easy web authoring from any computer.  Ian Richardson,, will setup a webpage for each team, which is posted under the Sponsored Projects tab along the top of the MAE156B Webpage. Team members and sponsors have been granted editing privileges for their respective pages.  
  • A key component of the webpage is the Internal Team Organization page, which will facilitate communication within the team and with the sponsor and instructor. Familiarize yourself carefully with this page.
    • The Internal Page is hidden from the general public, and is only viewable when a team member or sponsor is logged in.
    • The Project Management Page provides an overview of the project requirements,. This should be printed out for each team meeting.
    • Weekly Progress Reports have been setup for each week. An asterisk , *, should be placed at the beginning of the active week, and a copy printed out before meetings.
    • Gantt charts should be updated weekly.
    • NEW 
      • Make sure that sponsor and fiscal contact name and email are in internal webpage
      • Upload your original project description to the internal page
      • Ask your sponsor if it is OK to list their name and email on the public webpage.
      • This will allow future people interested in their project, or UCSD students looking for job, to have contact information.
  • The Documentation Manager on the team will coordinate the webpage activity, and make sure that all images and documents view properly, but all team members should contribute. 
  • The webpages are all based upon the Team Webpage Template, which contains the instructions of what should be included on each page. 
  • If your sponsor does not want the site viewable to the public, see  Ian ( Let the sponsor know that the webpage must be made public 90 days after completion of the project (this provides enough time for the sponsor to file any patents).

Front Page:

The Final Design Page is Where Visitors Will Click if the Front Page Gets Them Interested
  • It is fine to reuse material from your report, but in a more concise fashion.
  • Annotated figures, short paragraphs, and videos are appropriate here.
  • The content here is similar to the executive summary but in web format, and can include subpages for more detail.
  • Examples of high quality Final Design pages

A Movie of the Final Product is Expected Today in High Quality Webpages
Team Page
  • List team members. is encouraged, but not required, to include link to LinkedIn and Portfolium pages,  since UCSD student emails are inactivated after graduation. Photos can be included, but this is optional.

  • Include sponsor information and link to their company or lab website (photos can also be included). Ask sponsor how they would like to be listed, and if they want their contact info public.