Finals week announcements for section B00

posted Jun 9, 2012, 11:30 AM by Jerry Tustaniwskyj   [ updated Feb 21, 2019, 9:29 PM by Ved Vakharia ]
As I have mentioned to you before, I will start reading the reports today but will allow you to make changes up until the poster session. I will accept the changes for grading purposes if you provide me a list of the changes  you made to the report so I do not have to reread them.

Please bring 2 hardcopies of your final report to the poster session, one for me and one for your sponsor.

You should have already received a notice stating that the deadline for poster has been extended to Monday evening.

Please look at the advice Dr. Delson gave section A00:
"Many of the frontpage of you webpages need to be more engaging and descriptive. These pages will serve as links on your resume (and I will grade them). The viewer will look quickly at the frontpage and not click further in unless they are engaged.  My recommendations are:
     - Put a brief overview of the project at the beginning.  
     - Use photos and CAD with concise descriptions under the images or close by their side.
      - Put your best material on the  frontpage such as movies and animations of the final project, even if they are repeated elsewhere in the webpage.
      - Make sure that all files are uploaded properly to the webpage including: PowerPoints, CAD files, source code for Arduinos, budgets, etc."

Please complete the CAPE form including the additional 5 questions included on it. You should have received an e-mail notification with instructions.

Each team needs to select one representative photo and upload it and the project information to the 156B Project page. This is where we will post the award winners. You will need:

PASSWORD: Graduation123

Peer Review (active now)
    - Anyone submitting a peer review 900 or lower MUST include explaining comments in the feedback or instruction box

    - Clean up lab space. All lab spaces need to be cleaned up before sign off sheet will be signed.
    - Have lab checkoff list signed off by Isaiah Freerksen or Tom Chalfant at noon. See:

Poster Day Logistics
    - Invite sponsor and let me know if they are coming
    - Setup hardware and posters in Design Studio and rm 311 starting at 10am
    - Chris Cassidy will be assigning poster areas - contact him if you have special hardware needs.
    - Have at least one team member by poster between 11:30am-2:30pm for judging and visitors.

Please make sure you take care of all the items mentioned here and on the checklist online. You have worked hard this quarter and have accomplished quite a bit. Please pay attention to the details to make a successful finish.

The ASME judges have confirmed and will be judging the projects and giving awards. Please try to  make your presentations to them  and other visitors very professional.

Thank you and good luck!

J. Tustaniwskyj