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Welcome Back - Week 1 Deliverables for Section B00

posted Mar 30, 2014, 2:40 PM by MAE156B Admin   [ updated Jan 5, 2020, 2:47 PM by Huihui Qi ]

I hope everyone had a good winter break. We will hit the ground running this first week.

  Emphasis during weeks 1 & 2 should be placed on justifying the main design decisions of the project and to move forward aggressively with hardware risk reductions. 

                    Do not make your decisions too quickly without thoroughly evaluating a wide range of alternatives.

                    Look for shortcuts that will allow quick and meaningful hardware tests and/or analysis.

  There are only short announcements during week 1. We start Meetings with Instructor during week 1 in EBU2-305. As indicated prepare a Weekly Progress Report and make sure it is uploaded to the Internal/Project Management section of your team webpage. The progress report always needs to be uploaded the night before a meeting with the instructor or your presentation.

                    Group 1: before Monday 8 pm; and Group 2: before Wednesday 8 pm.

                    Set up a weekly meeting time with your sponsor.

Review the Section B00 Schedule. Note that Friday deliverables which includes the Setup Team Webpage Internal Pages. It is preferred that teams come to their instructor meetings with the webpages done, but if there are problems in working with the webpage we can address them in our meetings and they can be finished by Friday.

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